Friday, November 15, 2013

Let's Get Fresh Fridays!!

Hello and welcome to Let's Get Fresh Fridays here at The Wholesome Life.  This is my first ever blog hop.  Every Friday here is where you can showcase your real food masterpieces and share them with the rest of us.  It's great exposure for your blog and will bring more traffic, plus if you're ever in need of a recipe, this will be the place to come and browse to see whatever suits your fancy.
Also, please note that the links to recipes and ideas from previous weeks are being saved on the page entitled, "Fresh Fridays Previous Linkups.  So, in case you're looking for a link that was posted last week or so, you can find it on that page.
Ok, so before we get started there are rules that I need for you to follow, so that we ALL play fair

1. After you've linked your blog site, please leave a comment below to introduce yourself and let us know what recipe/tips you are sharing today.  Here is where you can attract visitors to your blog by posting something that will grab attention to attract visitors to your blog site.  Also, if you don't have your own blog site, this is where you may post your recipe or tip.

2. Also, please place a link back to this blog post on your own blog.  This is standard blog hop etiquette. Just copy the url address above and paste it into your blog site.  You might add something like, "This blog is linked to

3. Please make sure the recipe you are posting has whole, real ingredients.  Please don't post anything that contains margarine/vegetable oil, substitute eggs, unfermented soy or tofu, artificial sweeteners, or fake processed cheeses like Velveeta etc.  Recipes containing fake/substitute ingredients will be deleted.  Also, do not post anything that requires use of a microwave, as I firmly believe microwaving destroys the nutrients and enzymes in food.  I can't keep watch all the time, so I would appreciate if any of you spot a recipe with any fake ingredients, let me know.  I hate to be so tough, but this site is to get AWAY from the processed, manufactured fake foods and offer REAL, nutrient dense whole food the way nature intended .  Otherwise, it would be just like any other recipe site.


  1. Thank you for hosting! I shared my homemade all-purpose cleaner. It's so safe my kids can use it without worry :)



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